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Free Online Bingo

New in 888ladies Play free bingo every hour! Just get your free bingo cards (up to 6) to win real cash for free! Play to win £10 for free every hour from 1130am-1130pm @ Ladies First bingo room. Join us tonight for a special free bingo game for all funded players. Participate in the amazing jackpots of 300 quid on weekdays and 500 quid on weekends.


Happy Hour Bingo

A brand new feature we've started offering on 888ladies is the Bingo Happy Hour. During certain times of the day (we can't say when :-)), we'll give out extra deposit bonus codes for depositing players. To get this extra bonus, just play bingo and keep you eye on the cashier on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

No Deposit Bingo

Online bingoplay is fast becoming a popular online pastime not only in U.K., but also in all of Europe, and North America, with the rest of the world slowly catching up. Some new players shy away from the game thinking that they have to deposit a considerable sum just to be able to play. Online bingo sites change that impression by offering free bingo bonuses when you register with them. These initial funds are then used to buy cards for free. These cards can serve as a "trial version" of the game. If the player likes the interface and game play and wants to continue the game, they can easily pay for new cards.

Free Bingo Sites

Free bingo sites help the player get acquainted with the game. Different sites have different game interfaces, and different ways to play the game. That is why it takes some time for a new player to get comfortable with the site. The good news is you can play a few games for free without worry that you will lose money.

No Deposit Bingo

No deposit bingo play is perfect for risk free gaming. Some people just want to have the challenge of creating patterns in their cards, while others are interested in earning some money off the games. No deposit free bingo is a great platform for these kinds of players. If you want to play seriously, it is recommended that you test the waters first before you commit with one online bingo site. Some players who are just looking for free fun see the potential of paid play and start to take online bingo seriously. Free bingo is a great starting point in learning the game while meeting new friends in the process.

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