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Compers looking to play and win on 888ladies could try out a chat game.

There are a number of chat games available on the site, taking place in all 75 and 90-ball rooms - and tonnes of loyalty points can be won by playing.

From trivia to horse racing and battleships there are competitions to suit all tastes. Join the fun and make a meal of it with chat bingo gaming.

Gamers can also battle it out on a horoscope themed game with 11 other contestants and a shopping competition involving shoes, jewels and clothes.

The full selection includes more than 19 games such as Higher or Lower, 8's all around, I'm an 888 lady, Horse racing, We all love raiders, Sink the CH and 24/7 Trivia Room. These chat bingo games are all the rage with players. The more you play chat bingo games, the more you want to play them.

Many of the competitions are linked to bingo games and players must perform different tasks to win prizes. It’s a real feast of fun with chat bingo.

Chat Games Conditions

    • Participants must have money in their bingo accounts.
    • In 90 ball rooms, chat games will start after a Full House bingo is called.
    • You must be a funded player playing a minimum of 1 card to win points - in all games.
    • All the chat games take place in all the rooms except for Nutty Ninety which is dedicated for trivia games.

Online chat bingo is the players’ choice at UK bingo rooms. Games take place throughout the day and night with lots of great prizes up for grabs. 888ladies’ 19 online chat games are the pride & joy of players and it’s easy to see why. With more prizes & promos every day, it’s always a party at 888ladies. Remember to sign-up with a real-money account before you enjoy bingo chat. We provide plenty of incentives for our players to enjoy our chat bingo games.

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