Bingo Canada Style

Online gamers have the chance to enjoy some bingo Canada-style in 888ladies' 75-ball online bingo rooms.

The 75-ball game is the most popular form of bingo in Canada and other parts of North America, bringing the familiar letters-and-numbers approach to the game.

On 75-ball bingo cards, five columns of five numbers each are headed by the letters B, I, N, G and O.

Canadian Bingo

Canadian bingo players might also expect the centre square on their card to be given to them for free to help them on their way to completing a pattern.

People looking to play Canada bingo online can visit the 75-ball online bingo room at 888ladies for the "bingometric" version of the game.

Getting involved is easy - simply log in, deposit if necessary and buy one or more tickets for the next 75-ball game.

It is not just Canada bingo online that differs from that played in other parts of the world, as in the offline world North America is also home to 'chicken poop bingo'.

This sees a giant-sized bingo card set up in a chicken pen, on to which a real live chicken is released.

Chicken Poop Bingo

When the chicken poops, the person whose ticket matches the number over which it is standing is deemed the lucky winner.

Chicken poop bingo may not be the commonest form of Canadian bingo, but it is one of the events which takes place in Lytton, British Columbia.

With Lytton one of the oldest places in North America to have been inhabited continuously up until present day, it could be regarded as the birthplace of chicken poop bingo on the continent.

Of course, there are other, more conventional forms of bingo Canada has to offer.

While not so popular when playing bingo in Canada, the 90-ball version of the game is still played by some.

However, Canadian bingo players typically see this as the European or Australian version compared with their traditional 75-ball bingo.

Along with the 75-ball version of the game, 888ladies allows Canadian bingo players the chance to experience the 90-ball variation, giving them a taste of how other continents get involved in the bingo fun.

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